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OhMyInkyFingers | Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Is it too early to start on my Christmas Cards??  I say Nahhh….   Actually… I think it would be a REALLY GREAT idea if maybe I would make 2 or 3 per month, every SINGLE month for an entire YEAR.  If I make 3 per month, starting this January, by December, I would have created 36 cards.  And when December rolls around, its usually pretty hectic.  So, getting a jump on making my Christmas cards throughout the year would be a really smart idea!!!  Sounds like a plan… (for now) until it is summertime, and the last thing that I’ll want to do is make Christmas cards.  But… for now… I like the idea!!



Click here for the PDF instructions:     Season’s Greetings


Gold Foil sheet












This card was so fun, and simple to make.

Here’s “how-to” video on how to make it: